ASA's Indian adventure continues

Julian gives a brief report from india:

"I recently returned from India, where we have opened two new stores in Mumbai and Bangalore, bringing the total now to three.

This reflects the positive response from Indian consumers, who are as interested in the classic Indian and South Asian blends as they are in those from other corners of the globe.

ASA's best selling mixes in India are Garam and Chai Masalas, which both originate from India.

In response to customers' requests, we are also currently working on the testing of new blends for the Indian market - Biryani, Chole and Pav Bhaji masalas.

I am really looking forward to having the chance to help to create some new blends, which we will introduce to the Copenhagen store in due course.

I also had the chance to visit new producers in Kerala, Karnataka and Rajasthan, and we should shortly be adding black cardamom and amchoor (green mango powder) to our range of specialist spices."